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What are all those parts?

Depending on the type of project, there are several different parts that may be required:

Single Line The most basic part. A single line of music, for an instrument such as flute or violin. If this part is to be photocopied and used by several players, it is called a duplicate or "dup" part, and is charged at a higher rate (usually double).
Single Transposed  Same as Single line, but for a transposing instrument, such as B-flat trumpet or Horn in F.
Divisi Same as Single line, except that multiple players' parts are on the same part. Most often this occurs when a string section is marked divisi, or when multiple percussion parts are printed on the same part.
Keyboard Any 2 line bracketed part, such as piano or harp.

Any of the above with chord symbols added.


Master Rhythm Generally, a single part that reflects everything the rhythm section (piano, drums, bass, guitar, etc.) is doing. Typically Master Rhythm parts include chord symbols, lyric cues, drum indications and pushes.
Piano/Conductor Similar to Master Rhythm, but with the addition of any lyrics, and all important instrumental parts (strings, horns, etc.) are cued into the part.
Conductor Score Usually just called "the score", this is the one that goes on large paper and includes every instrument in the ensemble. When the composer/arranger has only provided a midi file or a sketch instead of a score, a score must be created.
Song Copy

Vocal part with keyboard accompaniment. Usually a 3 staff part.


Lead sheet Single line part with vocal or lead line and chord symbols.



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